I’ve quit my job at NCS and my last day was last Thursday.

Will be joining another company on Tuesday, Azimuth Labs, as an IT Specialist.

Hope everything would go well. =)


Stickers Galore

A few post down, I talked about the free stickers from Dogster. They have arrived and I have placed one onto the lid of my laptop :)

Dogster Stickers

Dogster Stickers

Laptop Lid

My Laptop Lid

And to add to my sticker collection, GMail gave out their own free stickers. Same procedure as the Dogster one, send a SASE (self address, stamped envelope) to them and they will send you back the stickers.

So… Not being in the land of the free, I sent in an International Reply Coupon (IRC), a self addressed envelope and a note to the GMail team back in mid December and waited. And a long wait it was. I didn’t receive it back until this week. (Opened the mailbox and wonder who sent me a mail from the USA)

So here it is, the GMail Stickers.

Gmail Stickers

Gmail Stickers

And the deadline for the free stickers is… Today… Sorry for posting so late…

PS: I find those IRC thingy to be quite interesting. And it would be great if I could collect them from all over the world! So if you are not from Singapore and would like to collect Singapore IRC, we could do an exchange! Drop me a comment below and I’ll contact you from there. :) (Just make sure you enter your own email when you submit the comment.

Work Work

Hmmm… Almost 6 months since I last wrote anything here…  Seems just like yesterday…

Quite a lot has happened since the last time I posted here. Graduated, found a job, got my first pay check. Well.. Ok.. Not so yesterday…

Anyway, now I’m working as a Database Administrator for NCS Pte Ltd, attached to the Ministry of Education site office. It’s on a contract term with limited benefits. But with this economic climate, I should feel lucky to find a job. A job that pays quite well.

Since now I no longer have anymore academic commitments (it’s a wonder how school work can take up so much of your time…), I should be able update this blog more often. (Yea, yea… I know, I know… I’ve said this a couple of times before…)

Blink of an eye

Wow… Just wow…

It has been four (!?) months since I last posted anything on this blog. And it was like just not so long ago… Damn, time flies…

Well… In this four months I have started and ended my internship, school had started, project deadlines are looming and the next thing I know, term break is coming…

Will try to keep this piece of internet real estate as alive as possible… (But judging from how lazy I am… That may be quite hard…)

Summer Vacation

It’s interesting how they call it the summer vacation, when it’s summer all year round in Singapore… But I digress…

Exams have finished and the vacation has begun. (for me, at least =P)
Was a pretty tough semester, with me totally not knowing what’s going on in ST2131 Probability and CS1231 Discrete Structure. At least I’ve already studied some of the stuff taught in CS4274 Mobile and Multimedia Networking back in Polytechnic. (yay diploma!)

Hopefully I can pass my ST2131 *fingers crossed*, considering how much I screw up in my CA… That and CS1231 too.

So for this vacation I’ll be working, at Guocoland as an intern. Starting coming monday, till early august, before the new school term starts. 8:30am to 6pm daily, monday to friday. I’m not sure if I can get used to the working hours.

In another news, Dogster is giving away stickers. The catch is, you have to send in a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Fair enough, but the problem is, I live in Singapore and Dogster is based in the U S of A. Don’t think our stamp will work over there… So after a brief researching (the comments actually…), I came across the International Reply Coupon. Neat! Didn’t know such a thing exist. Basically, you buy the coupon and send it to whoever you are corresponding with. They will take this coupon to their post office (must be a Universal Postal Union member country) and exchange for the minimum postage to any UPU member country. Sweet, now I can get a Dogster sticker and slap it on my laptop.

International Reply Coupon

Body and Soul

Oh, and before I forget, got a video I’d like to share…

Bought a Swatch Body and Soul watch a few days back and thought it would be interesting to do a timelapse to see some of the gears move. So, enjoy!

Technical Mumbo-jumbo: Shot using my Canon S2IS camera with the Canon Remote Capture software to perform the intervalometer function. Shot on manual setting, F4.0 @ 1/60. Interval between frames is 5 seconds (12fps). Compiled using Image2AVI

*PS: Yes, that me walking around in some of the frames… I had to check to make sure the batteries in the camera didn’t die in the middle of the shoot.

Long time ago…

Another two months passed…
And another two months of not blogging…

Sheesh… I don’t know why but I don’t really have the mood to post anything on this blog…
Anyway, don’t think there’s anything interesting in my life to post here for the past few months.

Since my last post, I’ve received my exams results, passed all of the papers… Whew, thought I was gonna flunk hard for my CS3212 since I I crashed my CA hard, but thank goodness I got a C for it.

Took up a part time job giving out flyers for JobsDB during the vacation. It was two time event though… Work once during mid December and another time just before school started. The first time, I had to wear a costume and give out the flyers and the second time just a sandwich board. Quite an interesting experience, not much people can say they wore a labcoat and an afro and paraded down Orchard Road. =P