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Saw this sign outside the level 1 pantry at COM1 today

No Pets and No Students

This sign kinda reminds me of a scene in Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury.

No dogs or Chinese Allowed

And to think that we paid school fees for this…

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Scrubbed Exhaust

The Faculty of Engineering in NUS is quite an interesting place… Not only can you get lost in that area, you get to see some interesting things also.
For example, this is what I saw at E4A today before my EG1108 lab…

I think by now, you should know what I’m gonna show next. This was taken next to the pipe on the right…

Can you imagine the maintanence guys talking about it?
Guy1: Hey, I think SEX over at E4A needs cleaning. Its getting real dirty.
Guy2: Yeah, I think so too.

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Bird flu blues

Saw these two ads on Banter yesterday when I went to Harry’s at Esplanade with Hairol. The ads are about AIDS awareness and the captions are pretty funny.

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