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1.temporary withdrawal or cessation from the usual work or activity.
2.a period of such withdrawal.
from dictionary.com

Or so they say…

It’s now the Term Break, or Recess Week. By definition, it should be a period when one gets to relax a little and do some stuff that you are too busy to do during teaching weeks. But in contrast, you are suppose to take this time to catch up on your school work, study for your mid-terms, finish up on your assignments…

Oh, the lies that they have fed us…

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Now with the balloting of tutorials over and tutorials starting this week, school is kicking into high gear. And for this semester, I have a total of 3 assignments out of 4 modules… I think my acne is gonna come back with a vengeance…

The image below is my timetable for this semester… A little screwed up with the one hour and two hour class on Monday and Wednesday respectively. Most screwed up is that I couldn’t get the class I want for CS3235 on Tuesday… Now I have an hour’s break, follow by an hour’s class, then another hour’s break before having my last hour of tutorial… Dang…

And a paper on my birthday… Nice…


Oh, and if you’re free also during my break, you can ask me out for lunch. ;D

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It seems like I have died and entered acronym hell

(All events are based on true story. Any resemblance to persons living or dead are intentional)

Lecturer: As you can see, the PC is pointing to the address “00”, which is memory address of the next instruction to be executed by the CPU. The value of the PC is copied into the MAR, after which the value of the PC is increment by “02”. After the value is copied into the MAR, a ‘Read’ signal is asserted to the Memory and the value of the MAR is passed on to the Memory. The Memory will then read the data line as indicated by the MAR and transfer it into the MDR on the processor via the data bus. After which the content of the MDR is copied into the IR.

Me (thinking): What the heck is an IR?

That lecture was one of the most acronym intensive lecture I have attended so far…

What is with the society’s obsession with the usage of abbreviations and acronyms? There are acronyms everywhere… And everyone uses it and some of them don’t even know what they meant. This is especially true in the SAF (see… another acronym..) Stuff like BMTC, HHTI, SMI, PLC, BCS, etc. Sometimes you don’t even have an idea what the heck they are talking about.

Exams coming soon… Don’t know where to start revising.. Argh…

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On today’s Channel News Asia
Real-time arrival info for buses ferrying IMF/World Bank delegates

So the world is coming to Singapore and suddenly our transportation system became a world-class transportation system (hereby known as WCTS) with “Real-time arrival info” to track buses down to the very second. And also, the bus timings will be adjusted accordingly to demands with intervals of between 10, 20 and 30mins.
Wow, all this to show that Singapore has a WCTS when in fact, I have to wait 15mins for my bus during peak hour, wondering where the hell is the bus and at the same time swearing and cursing at that guy who planned the timetable.

Come on, all this for people who will be taking the bus for free? What about the fare-paying commuters like us? They get a WCTS while we hang around wondering where our buses went?

I kinda remember an article about increasing the MRT train frequency during the meetings, but I can’t seem to locate it…

And speaking of IMF wayang…
Free Wi-Fi at shopping malls around Suntec City

And they say this “Wi-Fi Trial” wasn’t implemented just for the IMF meetings.
It wants to use the promotion as a pilot test before rolling it out to the whole of Singapore in January.”
The InfoComm Development Authority has set up the service to coincide with the IMF-World Bank meetings.”

Yeah, right… I don’t think a month’s trial will help ironing out the kinks and get accurate user feedbacks. And how convenient, the trial is gonna end at the end of September.

You might say that all this is important for the good image of Singapore, but hey, having the trains and buses arrive on time should be there in the first place, not during some international event when people from all over the world decent on our little island.

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Its less than a month to the World Bank-IMF meeting in Singapore. And to welcome the expected 16,000 delegates that will be attending the meeting. The Singapore government has launch the Four Million Smiles campaign and to the uninitiated, four million is the population of Singapore, which means everyone has to start smiling.

Now, after NUSSU flag day, where I went to a few places in Singapore to sell flags, it seems like some people still can’t smile even if their lives depended on it… When I approach those people asking for donations, instead of smiling and declining to donate, they stared at me and looked as if I’m holding them up at knifepoint and robbing. Hellooo… I’m only asking you to donate out of your free will, not forcing you or anything…. And don’t give me that kind of attitude.

After my brief stint as a sales assistance, I found that a good smile can actually brighten a person’s day and that guy will be willing to go all-out to help you.

Children should be taught from young to have good manners and be courteous. Screw the Speak Good English and Speak Good Mandarin campaigns in schools… I find that our standard of English and Mandarin for youngsters are ok. Its the manners that need to be worked on. Like what one of my lecturer said, ‘You have your whole life to work on your grammar, you should start on your manners now.’ I agree very much with her.

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Nope, I didn't get dumped or anything (nobody to dump me anyway…) but I've just received the outcome of my scholarship application to NUS and I've been rejected. They didn't used the word "rejected" in the letter, but it somehow had the same impact…

"Thank you for applying to the NUS Global Merit Scholarship (NUS GMS) Award. We regret we are not able to invite you to the interview of the Award."

Must have been due to my lousy ECA/CCA record… Kinda regret now by not having joined some decent ECA/CCA…

In another news, my Sony (Its a Sore-knee! Wait… I think their marketing slogan now is like.no.other. Someone must have told them the Sore-knee joke…) earphone/canalphone died on me on Monday… Of all days it had to die on a Monday, the first day of the week… Leaving me without any means to enjoy my iPod for the rest of the week… Quite a torture…

So does anyone have any recommendation on canalphones or ear-cans? But please don't suggest to me Shure… I don't print money you know… 

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What's up with Jack Johnson's "Upside down" that warrant WKRZ91.3 to play it 4 times since yesterday? Frankly speaking, I'm really sick of the song. And it doesn't help with Gary's blog playing it in the background with loop… Does radio really have to ruin all the nice songs?

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