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Went to the PC Show today with Weiting and Jian Jie. This year, it is held at Suntec City instead of the usual Singapore Expo. Interestingly, according to The Straits Times, the expo hall in Suntec is bigger (10,600 sq ft) than Singapore Expo (10,000 sq ft). Always thought that Singapore Expo has a bigger area than Suntec… Also, the exposition is only confined to the sixth floor, as compared to the previous IT Show which was held on the fourth and sixth floor.

Anyway, reached Suntec at around half past noon. The crowd there was still bearable. Weiting was hunting for a digital camera, so I accompanied him around the hall looking at cameras. Quite a few nice looking show girls giving out pamplets and together with interesting stuff to look at, it was quite hard to concentrate and either of them :P
Went down for lunch at around 1pm and when we went up after that, the crowd was significantly larger. Continued to "look-see" and I bought a laser printer when we were about to leave. The laser printer I bought is a Brother HL-2040 which is selling at $178 with a free trolley, toner and USB cable. Was suppose to get a USB cable but I think they left it out… Anyway, a USB cable is quite cheap as compared to a toner which they didn't leave out. :D

A pretty good printer I should say. Very fast warm up and the printout is also fast and clear. According to online reviews, the toner also last quite a long time and 300dpi and toner save mode. Together with the free toner, I think it'll last me a long time ;)


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Caught the movie Over The Hedge over at Cathay Cineleisure yesterday with Hairol. Wanted to book the tickets at first but something screwed up and Hairol can't book it online so I went down to get the tix personally. It seems like Cathay only release row C onward for booking and reserve row A and B for walk-in purchases. When I went to website, the entire top row was fully booked but when I went to the box office, the top two rows were totally free. So guys, if you want really good seats, go early to the box office and buy them.

Anyway, back to the show. A very funny show I should say. Its also very exaggerated, especially in the R.J. opening up the bag of nachos scene and the "The Depelter Turbo 2000" scene. A very good show. It seems like lately, Hollywood've been working hard. Putting out good shows instead of lousy ones.

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Went to watch The Da Vinci Code yesterday with Hairol at Cineleisure. A very good show, especially when you've already read the book. The movie helps you to visualise the book, enabling you to see many of the scenes which you can only imagine when reading the book. Due to time constraint, some parts of the book are left out in the movie and also for the continuity, many scenes are different from the book and being rushed through. But hey, you can't be really true to the book, otherwise, you'll get a four hour movie instead of a two hour one and the budget will be astronomical. The movie, same as the book, can really make a believer out of you at some point of the movie. Making you really think that Jesus had a wife and descendants. The CGI are superb, with the camera weaving in and out of cars, rooms and also the recreation of places like Westminster Abbey etc. A really good movie which I recommend everyone to watch it. If you've watch the movie and haven't read the book yet, I'll suggest you read it as it is more detailed. I really hope they make a prequel to the movie, Angels and Demon, but I doubt so as it would be impossible to get access to the Vatican City for a 'blasphemous' show.

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Treasure Hunting

Didn't exactly dig up gold, but found a couple of good stuff over the past two days.

Met up with Hairol yesterday and went to Heeren for dinner. Was basically bored stiff at home so jio-ed him out. Didn't planned on getting anything until I saw what was on HMV's Mega Movie and Music Sale. It wasn't really that attractive until we through the sub-$10 section. That section was full of treasures! Stuff that I've always wanted to buy but HMV had been charging obscenely for them. Seems like HMV was trying to clear the stock. I only saw the cds accidentally they were the only copy left except for Dirty Vegas. CDs that I've bought: The Chemical Brothers' Surrender and Come With Us, Dirty Vegas' One and Voodoo Child's Baby Monkey. All four of them for less than forty dollars, what a steal :D

As for today, went shopping at IKEA and queensway with Kenny, Weiting and Wenjun. Was intending to buy the Repli Cat at queensway but I couldn't find the colour that I like. Guess I'll go to the Puma Boutique at Marina Square to get them. Couldn't get the shoe I wanted but found something else interesting.

Printed on the tee: "Legalize [image of a pack of chewing gum]. Chewing Gum Movement. You Got Your Casino. I Want My Chewing Gum."

What a way to make a statement. If chewing gum is still not legalised by the next GE, I think I'll wear it to the polling station. (Provided my constituency is not a walkover again…)

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Last week, I wrote that I went to Sakura for pre-ATEC Stage II preparation. Yesterday, the people from Scout Platoon Bunk 2 less Xiong Yao plus Desmond from Bunk 1 went for post-ATEC Stage II celebration at Baccarat. Great food there, the seafood are very fresh and basically for the fish and chawamushi, the moment they put it out, it’ll be gone within a few minutes. Having two buffet dinners might not be healthy for me, but hey, after starving for four days at Lim Chu Kang, who could resist?

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Food! Glorious Food!

Went to Sakura at Orchard yesterday to celebrate Rain‘s birthday. A couple of us polled our money together and Christabel bought a Swatch voucher for her.

Nice international buffet served there, seems to be much better than the one I went to at Toa Payoh with my platoon guys. The dim sum there is very nice, could be due to the fact that I’ve been eating lousy lor mai kai and siew mai in my camp’s cookhouse… Had a great meal there, basically stuffing myself stupid with good food in preparation for the upcoming four-day ATEC stage 2 outfield.

Went to Acid Bar next after dinner. Got seated in the darkest part of the bar… It was so dark that all of us had a hard time reading the menu… They must had saved a lot on electricity bills… Had a great time there chatting about what had happened the past few months since we met and also Daniel’s oversea trip to Taiwan. Envy that guy… Get to go Taiwan while I got shipped off to Brunei, land of the humongous cicadas. Saw Peihao there also, with his ‘gal friend’, heh. Been a while since I saw him, told me that he’s a driver down in Sembawang Camp and that he’s thinking of continuing his poly education after army. Good for him, hopefully, he doesn’t dropout like last time.

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V For Very Cheem

Watch V For Vendetta yesterday with Weiting and two other Mortar guys. A very nice movie except that V kept speaking in shakespearean… Which is very hard to keep up even with the chinese subtitles… The movie takes place in the dystopic future with a totalitarian regime in England very much like the Orwellian 1984 and Nazi Germany where people's life are constantly monitored, secret police prowling the streets after curfew and concentration camps. The movie's protaganist, V, modelled himself after Guy Fawkes (complete with a Guy Fawkes mask) of the Gunpowder Plot and seeks to topple the regime by igniting a popular uprising and also blowing up a couple of buildings in the process.

Went to Hooters at Clarke Quay next for booze. Not really expensive but its not cheap also… And the buffalo platter seems to be a little soggy… The only thing special is that the jugs are *big* (*nudge*nudge*wink*wink*)

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