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Now with the balloting of tutorials over and tutorials starting this week, school is kicking into high gear. And for this semester, I have a total of 3 assignments out of 4 modules… I think my acne is gonna come back with a vengeance…

The image below is my timetable for this semester… A little screwed up with the one hour and two hour class on Monday and Wednesday respectively. Most screwed up is that I couldn’t get the class I want for CS3235 on Tuesday… Now I have an hour’s break, follow by an hour’s class, then another hour’s break before having my last hour of tutorial… Dang…

And a paper on my birthday… Nice…


Oh, and if you’re free also during my break, you can ask me out for lunch. ;D

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Don’t Panic

Just bought my CS3235 “Introduction to Computer Security” textbook yesterday and slapped right across the area where the author’s name is usually located are the words “Don’t Panic!”

Hmm… So am I gonna see lots of “42”s in the text or do I have to bring my towel along for the lectures and tutorials?

And I think my lecturer is hoping to outsell books like, say, Computer Security for Dummies or The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Computer Security, because it is slightly cheaper and it has the words “Don’t Panic” on the cover.

PS: Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Go read this or watch this.

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New Bag!

Finally got a delicated laptop bag instead of just putting my laptop into my zeroshock sleeve and then putting it into my bag, taking up precious space and added weight.

Got my tri-color Timbuk2 from Fall Factor at Alexandra Village. Its a medium Laptop Messenger with red/soft yellow/leaf green colour scheme. Kinda rastafarian. A big messenger bag I must say, now I can lug more junks to school!

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This blog post is brought to you by the letters ‘O’, ‘R’ and ‘D’.

Woohoo! Finally, after enlisting three years ago, I’ve     gotten back my pink tablet of freedom.

 Wait… Seems like I’m not that free after all… My NS unit, 788SIR, is gonna have an alert amber manning this year in November… Dang…

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