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What do you do when you’re feeling down, burnt out, stressed out?
Play games? Jog? Or sit around wondering why life sucks?

I, for one, decided to go take photos. It really helps to put everything to the back of my mind. Instead of thinking of how everything is f***ed up, I’m thinking of how to compose the shots.

I’m uploading the pictures up to Flickr, they should be all up by these few days.

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Stickman Band

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Came across this personality test over at SPUG. What it differs from other tests on the internet is that it is based on visual answers, which I think your sub-conscious mind will take part more in. (What am I… A psychologist?)

Anyway, here’s the link: Imagini Discover your VisualDNA

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Glorious High-Def

The LCD TV arrived yesterday and boy… Standard-Def TV never looked better even with the Coaxial input from the analog cable set-top. No more mummy camping out in my room with the only tv in the house and messing my desk up (Not to mention eating and spilling stuff on my bed…). The guy installing the tv said something about the digital set-top able to provide a better picture quality than the analog one. But seeing how I’m quite content with the quality now, I don’t think I’ll upgrade… Yet…

In a related news, I said something in the last post about taking photos… But somehow, my camera of 1 and a half years konked out… Think the shutter got stuck or something… There wasn’t any image coming out from the viewfinder and all the pictures taken are all black… I knew I said something about getting a new camera, particularly a DSLR, but I’m kinda broke now… And my camera is doing this to me… Dang… Gonna take it down to the service centre this Monday or Tuesday…

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Woah… Been a while since I blogged something… Was either busy having fun or was really busy rushing for assignment lately, so didn’t really bother to post anything up here.

Had a great Chinese New Year this year, loaned a car from my aunt and I get to drive around this CNY, no waiting for our world class transportation system and squeezing in them. I drove my dad to and fro his house during this period also, since he has two kids to take care, having somebody drive him really saved quite a lot of trouble. Anyway, the car I loaned was a Suzuki Swift and boy she’s a fast one. And the fuel consumption is quite good too. Drove for four days and over 400km and it only cost me less than 40 quids in petrol, which works out to around 12km/litre. Feels great to have a car, but can’t afford one for now…

Right after the CNY week was the week for Mid-Semester Tests… How to study? Besides having test, my programming lab assignments were crashing down all around me… I think I’m starting to have a phobia for programming…

Just went shopping to buy a new TV as my old living room TV konked out awhile ago. Bought the 32inch Samsung LA32N71B. Sweet! Will post some pictures when its delivered.

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